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Chapter 1: La Vie En Tallulah Rose SS 2019

New in: Where the Wild Things Are

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Meet our new arrivals. The third chapter of our Spring Summer 2019 collection was fostered by our perennial fascination with California. Think of rainbow glares and kaleidoscopic hues rippling from the surf–centric scene and the television skies. Thank us later.


Join Love: Love for natural fibers, love for humans, love for our planet.

We are advocates of sustainable and eco–friendly fashion, and we therefore revived traditional textile techniques to minimise harm in all social, environmental and animal welfares. Our clothes are made from 100% ecologic cotton and silk, resulting in the finest and lightest of cloths. Our dyes are plant–based; reds are extracted from madder root and blues from pure indigo. Walk lighter with us… #JOINLOVE


TR Cinema: An ode to Sunset Boulevard.

Look at this street. All cardboard, all hollow, all phony, all done with mirrors. You know, I like it better than any street in the world. In the summer of 1950, Paramount Pictures released a film called Sunset Boulevard. Named for the street where Hollywood movies were born, this fiable remains a haunting allegory for life in Los Angeles. I was a young down-on-my-luck writer when I strolled under the television skies of this iconic boulevard. I was drawn by the American dream of making it big and making it fast. When we were brainstorming for this season’s collection we looked at the glittering string of clubs and restaurants, once the hangout for people like River Phoenix, Jim Morrison and Bugsy Siegel. “It’s the one street that most represents LA”, a local journalist once told me.

film & words EVANGELINA–ROSE
starring SILIA


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Bienvenue! Our latest pop-up in collaboration with Renault.