Featuring the Mystere Velvet Jacket
As seen on Evangelina


He looked in her starry eyes that hazy day and told her that he will always love her. No matter what. 
You know, she is a chameleon girl. A restless spirit who feeds on midnight dreams. Magic dreams...

Though her soul wished to speak its truth, she was pressured to be silently dusted.
She built iron walls that protected her soul from getting hurt.
But he was in love; in love with her chameleon soul.
She decided that a smile was the best thing she could wear at that moment.
She remembered when she was a pure flower child and her parents encouraged her with lovely thoughts before she went to sleep. Her parents taught her that love is the elixir of life. Love can't be bought and love consumes us all.
She poured her heart out. She told him that she was in love with him.
And much like Cinderella, she got her happily ever after.
The iron walls vanished and everyone got to experience her chameleon soul.
Her restless spirit who feeds on midnight dreams. Magic dreams.
And this happily ever after story is one of those magic dreams.... █