backstage grit


Tallulah Rose Heirloom Collection
Photography & creative direction EVANGELINA

Inspired by my rock-inflected images of concerts I attended, I unveil my latest campaign for our baby Tallulah Rose. 
I’ve always been intrigued by this unpasteurised energy that exists on stage and backstage; the euphoric guitar-shred, the pounding drums, the inhibitions that dissipate into air like a cloud of smoke. 
When I was in LA, I went to Sunset Boulevard’s iconic venue Whiskey A Go Go — the place that has seen everyone from The Doors to Led Zeppelin take to its stage. Back in the 60s it was sort of a coup in the midst of American pompousness. It still is. I mean, LA is all about that. Freedom and independence are ingrained into the culture of the city. 
And I couldn’t have tapped into this freedom if it wasn’t for Silia’s gritty and rock ‘n’ roll aesthetic. “I listen to Tool”, she tells me. 
So here’s Tallulah Rose — this punk conglomeration, that’s loose, liberated, righteous and ravenous — a coup in the midst of well... worldwide pompousness. 

Silia dons coats from our Heirloom collection, in a seductive homage to legends from the annals of music history.