Tallulah Rose x Ashdeen


Photography EVANGELINA


We unveil our first collaboration with Indian designer, author and curator Ashdeen Z. Lilaowala. 
His embroidered cocktail dresses, gowns and saris have been appreciated for their contemporary, unique take on the traditional Parsi Gara embroidery. ELLE magazine voted him as “The hottest design talent of 2013” and awarded him for his excellence in reviving embroidery. Ashdeen has been creating Haute Couture embroideries for clients in Europe and America at his atelier in New Delhi. International celebrities like Mariah Carey and Beyonce Knowles have worn his hand-embroidered creations. 
We unveil a collection that features a fistful of poetically botany-inspired pouches and clutches. The parsi-embroidered flowers, cranes and butterflies inject naturalism into the fantasy of couture.
Every designer strives for timelessness. And although every season has to be different for a designer to make a long-term impression, it needs to stay the same. And Ashdeen’s creations make time stand still. Shop the collaboration. █