March Lookbook


Photography & curation Evangelina Fysa
This month Tallulah Rose is... Kat McKenna
Special thanks to RSVP Events



Our Spring 2017 collection is an infusion of botanical gardens and folklore. Melina Fysa found inspiration in the classic song House Of The Rising Sun and created a collection that embodies an off-kilter lost bohemia. Of course, undulating blooms and vines remain our signature aesthetic.
Evangelina Fysa shot and filmed the campaign and her choice of reference point is personal – the abandoned house featured in the film is a place she frequently uses to escape.
Kat McKenna (this month's English rose girl) was scouted on Instagram by Evangelina. With her pink-cheeked complexion, piercing blue eyes and gold tousled hair, she looks like she has fallen into a 60s folklore daydream.
The message is loud and clear: even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise again. 

Melina Fysa