Tallulah Rose By The Sea

text, photography & creative direction by THE GIRL

Unless you live under a rock, you probably have been inundated with news that my mother and myself created a boho luxe clothing brand named Tallulah Rose. My mother carefully cherry-picks and then compartmentalises traditions and cultures from all around the world. These carefully selected designs are pre-made with love for the Festival and Heritage collections. The Exclusive is designed by my mother and hand-sewn to perfection (pictured to the right). And as for little me, I wield my hefty writing and photography cool clout on the brand (I used my technological wizardry for the online store too). 
A couple of days ago, we had our second pop-up and this time we went on a deep-sea dive. We introduced an ocean of our bohemian creations to passers by and turned a good idea into this great, radical philosophy. Growing up, my mother taught me to be uncompromising and true to myself and it is this exact notion that characterises the ethos of Tallulah Rose, non? █

– The Girl

This blog post was written by TR Co-Founder Evangelina Fysa. Evangelina is a writer, photographer and a recent First Class journalism graduate from THE UNIVERSITY FOR THE CREATIVE ARTS. Beginning her first steps as a journalist, she interned at Jefferson Hack’s DAZED GROUP (for both Dazed&Confused and AnOther publications). In 2013 she launched PURPLEHAZEGIRL.COM, an online space or canvas where she brings her emotional ripeness to subjects such as love, music, film, photography and fashion. She received a signed illustration and a personal advice from filmmaker HARMONY KORINE and created NEVERMIND LOS ANGELES – a print magazine that was shortlisted in the Top 10 for the DRAPERS AWARD at GFW British and International Awards. 

Evangelina Fysa