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We set out in naiveté – TR mommy with a sketch pad and TR daughter with a camera – with hopes, dreams and lots of enthusiasm and soon realised that in the course of the Rose’s journey, there were mysterious obstacles, disappointments and failures. But despite the thorny path  we kept marching confidently, with a mission – and that is, to empower women. 

"Art has a boundless, unpredictable power that can triumph over life's pain to unite, motivate and inspire. The meaning of life is to find your gift, but the purpose of life is to give that gift away. And that is why we do Tallulah Rose. To give.


We introduced three lines – Tallulah Rose Ready–To–Wear and Resort designed by us in India and Cyprus And a third line, entitled Heritage, which features carefully sourced items cherry-picked abroad by us.

Tallulah Rose has grown to be a brand that represents the values we hold – family, love, gratitude and compassion.We are advocates of sustainable and ethical fashion that is eco-friendly and most importantly in conjuction with human rights. We defend the local and ancestral production by ensuring ethical manufacturing and human fabrics. And today, all of our factories are ethically audited. 

Tallulah Rose is reflected not in the undulation of the supermodel, but as someone whose existence is real. It is our flaws that make us beautiful. It is our flaws that make us real. 


photography above by Evangelina



 In 2016, we took the spicy route to India and fell in a world unlike any other. A world beyond your imagination. A world beyond anything you could ever expect.A place where the traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism blend together as effortlessly as architecture. A paradise where nature's earthy colours mingle with culture's saturated hues. 

This trip inspired an awakening in us. An appreciation of all things simple and a desire to finally take the plunge and create our own fashion conscious brand. We mapped our supply chain and by February 2017 we had our online store! 


After several visits to India, we knew we wanted to do something to give back to this beautiful country. We therefore, created our Heritage collection which features carefully sourced items, cherry-picked abroad by us. Our Heritage Collection defends the local and ancestral production. Because of our Heritage collection we help isolated communities in India to become self-sustainable and financially independent (especially women, given that the majority of our producers are women). We support hand-crafted techniques and today we are proud to be a fashion-conscious brand. 

Join us on this beautilful journey! 

Love, Melina & Evangelina Fysa
@tallulahroseofficial  #youareTallulahRose