our manifesto


It is our ethical and social responsibility to jointly state these guidelines that echo our beliefs in regards to our brand – Tallulah Rose. 



Did you know.... 
This summer we took the spicy route to India and visited a number of cities to find the most beautiful fabrics and leading Indian garment manufacturers and exporters. We spent hours and hours at local factories and outdoor textile bazaars, cherry-picking and decompartmentalising. 
Despite the summer monsoon, we had passion in the heart and chaos in the soul. We kissed the old stars good bye and opened our hearts to new ones. And it was this exact attitude that silenced the heavy downpour and kept us going. 

Designing & Buying
Our creations are unique handmade pieces designed in India and Cyprus and made in collaboration with leading garment manufacturers (including a factory that has previously manufactured for Armani and Louis Vuitton). 
Apart from our RTW Collections, we also inject our brand with the punk-notion of deconstructing a garment and reconstructing it into something completely and utterly new. This act signals a coup de main for us. We also experiment with recycled materials that are finished with the outmost care. Ultimately our pieces are delicate and should be handled with the greatest care. 

Ethical Fashion & Sustainability
Tallulah Rose is a reflection of the values we hold. We are advocates of sustainable and ethical fashion that is eco-friendly and most importantly in conjuction with human rights. We defend the local and ancestral production by ensuring ethical manufacturing and human fabrics. And today, all of our factories are ethically audited.

Photography & Marketing
Everything in regards to our brand is done in house. We do not collaborate with photographers, PR Mavens, agencies and conning suits, which ultimately renders Tallulah Rose an independent clothing brand. To commission our photography (including product photography) or for any press-related queries you can directly contact TR Co-Founder Evangelina at hello@evangelinafysa.com

Empowering Women

Tallulah Rose is reflected not in the undulation of the supermodel, but as someone whose existence is real. 
We think it is grotesque when women become forced to acquiesce to this unhealthy illusion. We flinch at the twisted idea that beauty is about perfectly sculpted bodies. It is our flaws that make us beautiful. It is our flaws that make us real. Because the supermodel is a façade; beautiful is a woman. You are Tallulah Rose. #youaretallulahrose

This is Tallulah Rose.
A punk conglomeration that’s loose, liberated, righteous and ravenous — a sort of coup in the midst of  worldwide pompousness. We are a celebration of all ages. We are freedom. We are rock ‘n’ roll. We are independent. Because in a world where authenticity has been beaten into oblivion, our brand does not conceal. It reveals. 
Melina & Evangelina Fysa